Sign Making

Good Old Red Gallery in 2015, showing  the black area under the window before I painted my  2nd sign

In 2015 I started making signs for Red Gallery. I got some very useful tips on techniques and materials from Jay Kaes, a grafitti artist and sign maker with whom I used to share studio space. This section is an attempt at recording my progress as a sign maker, rather than my prowess. The emphasis is on the learning process, in all its imperfection.

My first assignment was a very last minute request for signage in the venue of The Festival of Heat , a food event hosted in the open space that used to be Red Market, and after The Last Days of Shoreditch. I was asked to do signs inside the open air food market. This is the flyer I was given:


My grafitti colleagues did this banner for the front area of the building:

Not the easiest wall to work on. Curved, and covered with old posters and paint, flakes falling constantly

Unfortunately I haven’t got many pictures of this first assignment, as 6 signs had to be done in one day, but here’s one

Barbed wire sign to match.

Sign number two was better documented…

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