Artist Statement

The Infinite Loop

When I was a little kid, I discovered something: I could close my eyes and look at my eyelids from the inside. Soon I would notice some dots, like white noise, buzzing around in all directions. Then, if I could keep my glance relaxed and take in the whole scene, the dots would turn into shapes: first smoke, then clouds, then fractals, creatures with faces moving their mouths, telling me things, flowing tiny from a vanishing point far away ahead of me and swirling, floating, dollops of the stuff pouring towards me… They would cover my entire field of vision, no room between them and me, and then quickly dissolve,  as new puffs would start swirling in the distance.

I have continued to dive into this weird realm ever since. Where does that inexhaustible barrage of images flow from/to? What are the meanings hidden in each of them? What are those mouths telling me? If I can see this, is it real? Do others experience this too? What is this Infinite Loop of endless possibility?

My creative output manifests my experience of the Natural World, where diversity is total, difference is everywhere, abundance is constant. When I am making Art, I connect with a profound sense of marvel -and humility- at the the whole of Humanity, the magnificent complexity and simultaneous insignificance of our comings and goings on this planet. My work hopes to be a reminder to appreciate what a gift it is to be able to exist together now, in this shape and form, at this moment in time.

I am currently working primarily on drawings, to which I apply lights of different hues or use projection mapping to enhance the pulsating, fluctuating nature of the experience represented. I tend to work on a small scale, and very meticulously: I draw thousands of tiny dots that organise themselves into infinitely diverse lifeforms. In a trance-like state as the pen tap tap taps the paper, I see them take shape, their bioluminescent tentacles scouting for a touch, a connection (First Contact). Other times the dots form vast mountains so mysterious that they glow phosphorescent against the night sky (Land of the Free). Somewhere hidden, a turquoise woman, born off the forest floor, drinks by soaking her long hair in a lake (Come to Me). To the East, a Smiley sun rises, grinning over the secrets that stare at us from under the surface of the Sea (Happy Days).

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